About us


Pore Coffee Co-founders

We are coffee lovers, I guess that shouldn't be surprising. We started brewing not too long ago - in late 2018, and we never did stop learning since then.


As home brewers, we cared about the variety a lot! We've tried different subscriptions services and bought beans off the shelves from local roasters. However, we were always troubled by the fact that there was no platform in Singapore which housed all our local roasters together.


So we thought, let us be the ones!


We have thus, created and will continue to expand this amazing selection for all coffee lovers out there, by gathering local roasters together.


And that is Pore Coffee's origin story. 


When we're not sleeping, you can find us outside sipping new flavours and talking about ideas.

Everything we do, we do it with passion, because it's fun to share the good stuff.


"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure but ... not my coffee"
"Started with instant coffee and never ever looking back.."


You know what else makes us happy?

Ideas and collaborations.  Simply drop us a email or DM, whatever you want.

 email: hello@pore-coffee.com

#supportSGroasters 🤟🏼