Facepalm - Espresso, Umang Isaq

Facepalm - Espresso, Umang Isaq

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SaucyBean kickstarts its first coffee of the series, ‘Facepalm’ in collaboration with the Orang Utan Coffee Project (OCP).

Back in 2012, the OCP along with 40 smallholder farmers, entered into a pioneering relationship. The farmers would protect and preserve the surrounding tropical rainforest whilst working closely with the OCP to boost their coffees’ quality. In exchange the OCP would pay a premium for the farmers’ coffee should they meet strict guidelines set.

Today, as a result of the project’s amazing success, OCP numbers more than 230 smallholder farmers who are enjoying a better quality of life and producing better and better coffee. Not only that, the local environment benefits too, with OCP donating 0.50 Euros/Kilo of all coffee sold to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

25% of SaucyBean profit is pre-pledge to their NGO partners through their coffee linked to causes model.  

Producer/Farm: Orangutan Coffee Project, Umang Isaq
Country/Region: Indonesia
Location: Sumatra, Gayo Highlands
Varietal: Tim Tim, Ateng
Processing: Giling Basah
Altitude: 1400m
Taste Notes: Green Apple, Cocoa